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Architect and Analyst, Gri Creative

Jun 2017 - NOW

Enterprise Full stack architect


2010 - Jan 2017

Enterprise Full stack architect & developer for VAS projects, as Cropy, TurkcellApi GW, Turkcell API Portal, SIM OTA, NFC, and Mobile Signature.

·Architect and developer of Cropy, which is instant screen capture-share-store utility, resides on pages, without need of an app for mobile and web browsers. Integrated in Hurriyet, milliyet, onedio and all major pages in Turkey. Build with Node.js-mongodb-gulp-git-js blended scalable architecture.

·Architect and developer of Turkcell API Gateway, secure, scalable, dynamic deployable service, new serving platform for Telecom VAS API’s. Built with node.js-mongodb-kue and various open source projects

·Architect and developer of Turkcell API portal, UI and admin UI platform for Telecom VAS API’s. Support for Swagger and REST. Built with node.js-mongodb-keystone and various open source projects.

·Turkcell NFC Integration and standardizations via AFSCM at joint Garanti Bank project@spring

·TurkcellflexiSIM product improvements, Telia-Sonera customizations, integration planning@spring

·Enterprise backbone solutions for SIM related Identity/Mobile Payment solutions@spring

R&D Engineer, Phonoclick

2007 - 2010

·Administrative and development operations in Open Interface Project in FP6.

·Design and development of interactive solutions for mobile platforms as android,j2me, IPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile

·Support for outbound call operations within company

·Design & Development of Sms Infrastructure, which supports outbound operations with sms sending, notification gathering and reporting interfaces.


2005 - 2007

Worked at European Researh Projects.

·AMEC ITEA Information Technology for European Advancement AMEC: Ambient Ecologies: 2 years project, for human system interaction and software and hardware collaboration for intelligent environments

·Developing communication components and developing AMEC software framework. (.NET Platform)

Application Development Specialist, EST AS

2004 - 2005

·Maintenance and YTL Conversion of EST E-payment Service Turkish Reports, E-payment Service for HSBC Bank, EndOfDay file processor applications in EST E-payment Service for various Banks

·Maintenance of IBIZ-Commersafe ACS installation for YKB

·Design and Implementation of TPOS for Garanti Bank

Software Developer, INTERTECH

2002 - 2003

·Development of the Riskman Project which is a total Risk Management solution for banking in Turkey. Desktop Java Application.(J2SE)


2001 - 2002

·Design & Implementation of efficient filesystem for large files & GUI for DigitalVideoRecorder

·Research & Test of backup platforms for DVB Project, instead of ST & OS20

·Implementation of adaptation layer between Common Interface Profile 2 Stack and DVB Application Layer.



1996-2001 Bilkent University, Ankara Electrical and Electronics Engineering BS Full Scholarship awarded by the University

·Senior Project : Packet Sniffer - Senior Project: Implemented a web interfaced network traffic analyzer and a program that collects login-pass pairs for security considerations in telnet protocol. Implemented in AnsiC & MySQL & PHP



·Turkcell CXO award for TurkcellApi Platform , 2015

·AMEC - Most Successful Project implementation in ITEA2, 2006

·Ranked 26th in OYS in Math, 37th in OYS in Science, 1996, Ranked 126th in OSS, 1996, Ranked 124th in High School Selection Exam, 1993



·Extensible Api platform architecture patent, 2015

·CropyPatemt, frontend screencapture utility, 2015

·Croppay patent, Secure payment parameters transferring platform, 2016

·Signed Call patent, signing and validation of calls, via mobile signature, 2016



·Node.js, npm, mongodb, git, express, javascript

·Enterprise Java  Technologies, Spring, Apache projects, struts, JSF

·Application servers Tomcat, Weblogic, and DB related components. Oracle, MS SQL server and MySql Experience

·Eclipse, SVN, Maven, Ant Platform expertise

·.NET technologies

·Mobile client and methodologies know-how, Android-ios-J2ME, and REST architecture



·Architecting on AWS Egitimi – 09-2016

·CassandraEgitimi – 06-2015

·ClouderaDeveloper Training for Apache Hadoop – 03-2015

· Database Performance Tuning (Oracle Database 11g) 03-2014 Bilge Adam

· Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop Eğitimi 04-2014 Bilge Adam

· EMV Training for Turkcell                        11-2013 Collis-UL

·eIDTraining                                 01-2013 Collis-UL

·SWPEğitimi                                                 04-2012 Collis-UL

· Contactless Technology                             04-2012                Collis-UL

·WeblogicAdministration                          TurkcellAkademi 11.2012 (24 Hours)

· Fundamentals of SimToolKit                   TurkcellAkademi 04.2012 (24 Hours)

·JavaWebServices                                        Bilge Adam 12.2011 (16 Hours)

· SIM, STK & OTA Basics Eğitimi               TurkcellAkademi  09.2011

·Unixve Linux ortaseviye administration TurkcellAkademi 05.2011 (32 Hours)

·DomoticNetworks and SecurityFagorInc 03.03.2006 - 09.03.2006 (40 Hours)

· Risk management       Denizbank 01.06.2003 - 05.06.2003 (40 Hours)

· MPEG Seminar             ST Microelectronics 11.03.2002 - 15.03.2002 (40 Hours)